Explore the Tumnus fashion community and take a peek into hundreds of wardrobes in your area.


Find your match according to size, style and location. When it’s a mutual fit, unlock access to each other’s wardrobes.


Set a sharing time limit, then courier or collect. Start wearing new pieces or mix them with your own. Then follow cleaning or care instructions and return.

The Tumnus Story

Tumnus is founded on the belief that everyone should look good, but not at the cost of others. With a growing appetite for cheaper fast fashion the clothing industry has changed. There’s an environmental and human impact people often don’t think about.

For lovers of fashion, keeping up with trends is expensive. Or sometimes it just feels like there’s nothing new to wear. Rather than spend on cheaper items that aren’t made well, having access to someone else’s incredible clothes they’re not wearing makes stylish sense. Then when it comes time to spend, with the money saved, you can afford to top your wardrobe up with quality items… quality items that last and will be worth sharing with others.

Tumnus celebrates the thrill of wearing something new and makes fashion more sustainable through sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tumnus have hidden costs?

Tumnus is a sharing community, which means there’s no joining fee. When you match with another member, you share each other’s wardrobe by borrowing for no charge. The more members, the more potential matches and the more possible outfits.

Tumnus doesn’t believe in hidden costs, so here is where any might reasonably occur.


Because peace-of-mind is important, whenever a member shares their wardrobe, an insurance deposit from the borrower is held by Tumnus. The insurance deposit is released back once the clothes are returned and the experience is reviewed by the lender. A cost may occur if cleaning instructions aren’t followed or damage has occurred. Tumnus encourages members to resolve any issues before stepping in.

Courier and Cleaning

Courier and any dry cleaning costs are paid for by the borrower.

How does Tumnus find my match?

Based on your size, location, favourite brands and wardrobe, Tumnus presents you with a list of possible matches. You get to browse through their wardrobe and check out their style. If you like what you see, then send your key. If it’s not a match, you’ll still be able to browse and potentially borrow from their wardrobe for a small fee.

How do I know if garments will fit?

Tumnus matches members who are a similar fit. But because brand sizing can vary and no two people are exactly the same, if you have any fit questions, start a chat with your match. Tumnus is a fashion community that wants everyone to look good and sometimes a little extra detail is all it takes.

How does the star rating work? 

Communities are built on trust, which is why there’s a star rating system. Once your clothes have been returned, you and your match will get a chance to rate the exchange: communication, cleanliness, accuracy and overall experience. The star displayed in a members profile is the aggregate score.

What do I share?

Not every clothing item is meant to be shared. Stuff like pajamas, intimates and your old high-school graduation jumper can stay hanging in your wardrobe. Same with pieces you hold dear, like an heirloom dress or that limited edition designer piece.

Instead, select quality pieces you no longer regularly wear and are willing to let someone else enjoy (remembering you’ll get them back). For example these could include last season’s winter coat, one of your many LBDs, a bold print you’ve been photographed in enough times, a silhouette you bought multiple of, and so on.

The more desirable your lending wardrobe is, the more access you will have to other quality pieces which is why Tumnus wants you to be comfortable with what you share.

How many items should I borrow?

Each exchange should be a great experience, which is why we recommend you borrow 5 garments for about 2 weeks. Whether alone or mixed with your own wardrobe, 5 additional garments can create a number of new outfits.

Who cleans the clothes?

Your match will detail how to care for the garment in the listing, that might include: provide a dry clean receipt, careful wash instructions, or a small cleaning fee.

How do I pick up and drop off the clothes?

Tumnus matches you with someone close by, so picking up or couriering the clothes should be easy. Once you’ve booked the garments, your match will let you know the preferred time and location.

Do I need to share my wardrobe?

The Tumnus vision is to bring quality back to fashion and make getting dressed every day more sustainable. Sharing clothes is a way everyone can access better quality when we can’t spend on new items. It also means you don’t have to spend on quick fix, fast fashion. Instead you increase your wardrobe choices and the money saved can go into investing into quality that’s designed to last.

In order to get there, Tumnus encourages members to share. You don’t have to share everything, just the pieces that would make you happy to see someone else enjoy.

Responsible sharing.

Sharing clothes should be a fun experience, but it also comes with a commitment. Tumnus relies on its members to do the right thing by each other, which means treating garments and each other with respect. Members returning clothes will need to clean them according to the instructions detailed at the time of borrowing and return on or before the agreed time.

Simply taking care of each other’s clothes, you’re helping grow the Tumnus community into a safe sharing network where everyone can enjoy the benefits.